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Thoughts On New Year’s Resolutions and other things to avoid:

There is always talk of New Year’s Resolutions in the New Year (wouldn’t we all like to be someone wonderful in 2019) and mockery of those who, on January 1st, tried to lose weight and/or get fit and whose resolutions have failed by January 3rd. Now I ask you, how can anyone try anything challenging and difficult just after Christmas? Christmas can be either a painful ordeal, or a huge pleasure. Either way, we all need  a rest to  recover gently from  the late nights, fun, and Christmas excesses. We need to restore our equilibrium after time with difficult family members. We already have to get up early for work when it is dark and cold outside. That is quite enough of dark mornings without adding any exercise. We need good food, bright fires and hot baths. No one should be eating salad or any other healthy thing.  It is just not possible to make the effort to change anything in January. Now is the time to read the books you were given for Christmas, use the lovely soaps and scented candles and finish off the chocolates and bottles of wine. If you must go out in the January chill, wear the scarf and hat your aunt gave you.

Soon it will be spring, with longer days and warmer weather. As new growth begins, it is time to get up early, go for a run, eat salads and step out into the sun. All New Year’s resolutions should be postponed until then.


The Cambridge half-marathon and life

Watching the Cambridge half marathon on Sunday was a surprisingly rewarding experience. We stood about half way along the route just where runners were beginning to flag, showing their intense effort and weariness. As the runners wore their names, we called out encouragement to them by name, “Go on Richard, you’re doing great, go Karen go!” Some had the energy to wave or smile. For a moment, we were connected. Then I thought, this is how we are in real life, running, exhausted, not sure if we have the strength to finish. Only, we don’t wear our names pinned to our clothes and we don’t let our feelings show. So give everyone a cheer and tell them they’re loved and doing great. And don’t forget to wave and smile back.